The distance between adidas and us is only a sneaker—that is yeezy350

In the fashion world, editor will think about the popular products very now and then. It is always beautiful in dreaming while cruel in reality. Someday maybe you will pay for anything or everything for the thing you like, just simply you like it.

The exposed pictures of four unique colored new sneakers have left Yeezy fans so many imaginations long before adidas Orlginals officially confirms that the red, green, and copper yeezy boost 350 v2 sneakers are for sale on Nov. 23rd.

Characteristics: primeknit materials are applid with adidas’ latest boost technique, which not only guarantees the sneaker soft and light but also brings a special visual effect.

After designing yeezy 750 for adidas, kanye west went to adidas with his popularity in the fashion world when he ended his cooperation with Nike in 2013. yeezy boot 350 is the first sneaker released when Kanye worked with adidas, and its quantity is limited to 9000 pairs. The price soon goes up to more than 10 thousand.

The fever for purchasing doesn’t go down some time after the sale of cream white recently. It is exposed officially that yeezy boost 350 cream white is selling again, which surprises so many Yeezy fans! Are you thinking about getting one? Please follow this way:

(yeezy boost 350 series of different colors)

It is hard for us to get off our eyes from the pictures of the Yeezy wearing by many pops. The special design of the Yeezy boost brings us a different feeling when wearing it!

However, the quantity sold by adidas is very limited, which makes the buyers identify the sneakers they bought by various means. Nowadays, editors will tell you how to identify them by eyes. The following is the comparison of details between the real one and fake one.

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