Adidas Yeezy Boost China Plant illegally squeeze the labors

As clothing and sneaker manufacturing is typically labor intensive industry, sweatshop issues have been bothering all the big brands and corporations in recent years. Adidas (ETR:ADS), the Germany sport brand, is criticized by the press that one of the plant in China illegally squeeze the labors.

According to Daily Mirror in Britain, that press, together with NGO—China Labor Supervision, in the survey to protect the labor rights in China, find that the employees in a factory called Apachi sneaker manufacturing in Guangdong Province, are forced to work over 10 hours every day. They have to work six days a week, and they are also required to arrive at the factory 15 min earlier before working, or they will be fired.
It’s worth mentioning that Apachi is a factory belonging to adidas and specialized in manufacturing YeezyBoost.

For this, AndréMendes, speaker of adidas, claimed on Thursday that Apachi in Guangdong, is actually belonged to adidas for manufacturing YeezyBoost. He also exposed that another manufacturing factory is Qinglu manufacturing in Fujian Province.

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